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Suzanne Jensen
Kula, Maui

My class enjoyed a "wide range" of projects this year! As a teacher, I appreciate the variety of activities from seasonal (1 day projects) to the literature based projects (Curious George).
Being a first grade teacher, I tend to look for projects that I can incorporate into my language arts curriculum and (of course) expose my students to the "world of technology.
"All of your projects have enabled me to do that! (Mahalo!)


Jamie Prock
North Dakota

Thank you , for helping me get in touch with this school. My class in North Dakota has been writing back and forth with a kindergarten class we adopted because of the Dear Friend project. We have sent supplies for both the students and teachers at Christmas.
For Valentines Day, my class donated 75 books to help rebuild Mrs. Mullins Kindergarten class library. I was even able to talk to Mrs. Mullins on the phone. Her class has even taken the time to put together a learning box for my class. They have sent us materials to learn about Mardi Gras.
Thank you for making this process happen . It has been a great learning experience on both ends. :)


Donna Thaggard

I can't say enough about Jen and the projects she hosts. I remember the first time I signed up for her O.R.E.O. project so many years ago. I was looking for new ways to incorporate technology into my teaching and her projects were just the answer.
Jen always has ideas that are simple enough for newbies as well as suggestions and ideas for those who are more experienced with technology. I can say that I have learned as much as my students by participating in the projects.

Susie Lamon

Thank you!� I found the O.R.E.O. project interesting and SO FUN.� I nearly missed it again this year!� But, we did it anyway.� I have to tell you, I had the best time ever in my 24 years of teaching math!!!� I videotaped several of them, and managed to get most of them as they toppled over.� I'm smiling now just thinking about how much fun we had.� Oh, and how much the kids learned!


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