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Project Dates:
October 29, 30, & 31, 2012
This project is NOW OVER.

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This project was open to ALL PreK to 3rd
grade classrooms World Wide.


1. Please READ CARFULLY & print out the information sheet. You will need this for posting results.

2. Purchase a 1 - 5 lb pumpkin. (You are welcome to purchase more than 1 pumpkin and compare the seeds in each. However, when submitting results, post one pumpkin count at a time.)

3. Students will estimate how many seeds will be in the pumpkin(s).

4. Teacher and students will open the pumpkin, scoop out seeds, and count.

5. Class will compare their guesses with final actual pumpkin seed count.

6. Teacher & class will submit results to the online collection database. (results can be posted from 10/29 to 11/4)

7. Teacher & class can download excel results form and compare their results with other participating classes.

8. Teachers & class are encouraged to use activity ideas.

9. Students are invited to participate in a "PUMPKIN FASHION SHOW" where the classroom can submit STUDENT CREATED (drawn or carved) pumpkins and upload them to our Pinterest Page (please send your images to Jennifer)

You also might wish to take pictures throughout the project and add them to your own smilebox, wiki, blog, site, etc -- or our pinterest page!

10. If you wish to collaborate with another class -- via skype, email, tokbox, phone, etc....please join our group at edmodo and find classrooms to connect with!.

Registration is now closed.
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