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The hardest part of any project is to provide good, quality lessons for all grades. What I suggest is for you to read through all the suggestions and then advance or simplify as necessary! If you have a great idea -- please send it to me.

1. Encourage your students to write emails to Post about this project.
2. Visit the Trivia facts from Post and create a wordsearch or game with the information you have discovered.
3. Using your Alphabit letters, have your students create words and sentences.
4. Make up a story about the day in the life of a Alpha-Bit!
5. Take the words Post Cereal's Alphabits and create as many words as you can.
5. Read the book The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants by Priscilla Turner. Idea submitted from Melissa Charles, Bear Creek Elem, TX.
6. Visit this site of past AlphaBits box tops and choose 2. Write a list of 4 ways they are different and 3 ways they are similar.
7. Visit the Alphabits page For Kids page (not from post), read the directions, and guess the letter.
1. Have your students form patterns using the Alphabitss.
2. Using a ruler -- have your students measure out 1 foot. Then have your students line up Alphabits on that line to figure out how many AB it takes to make 1 foot. Encourage your students to use different measurements and then chart down their data. FOR FUN -- have your students pick items around the room and use AB to measure their length.
3. Have your students count out AB in 2's, 5's, 10's, etc.
4. Assign value to your AB. A = 1cent, B = 2cents, and so on. Provide your students with a baggie of Alphabits and have the figure out the total worth inside the bag.
5. Purchase the book "Cereal Math". Boost kids' math skills with these irresistible, hands-on activities using cereal! Students will create a cereal abacus, estimate how many raisins are in "two scoops", use Venn diagrams to sort and classify cereal by attributes, collect and graph data, explore patterns, and more! $8.76 at Gr. K - 2
6. Visit "The Cereal Box Problem" website. Very very good site for OLDER students!
7. The PBS TeacherSource has created a WONDERFUL Middle School Alphabits lesson plan. Be sure to check it out!!
1. Download the data from the Results Page into Excel and create graphs of the project. If you don't have EXCEL, you can print out the data and use an online graphing program called Create A Graph!
2. Visit the Post's AlphaBits page and make a internet scavenger hunt based on the information you find there.
3. Using Inspiration/Kidspiration, create a color visual learning experience. Free 30 day trial available here -- INSPIRATION   KIDSPIRATION
4. Create PowerPoint/Hyperstudio presentation (including pictures) of your Alphabit Project!!
5. Post has created a fun actitivity page FILLED with alphabit fun!! Check it out!!
6. Visit and have your students create an Alphabit HTML word game. If they create a great one -- then send it to me and we will post it on this site.
7. Take a look at all the schools participating and their websites. Click on the teacher's email and ask if their school would consider being epals with you for the rest of the year.
8. Using a digital or regular camera -- make a collage of your Alphabit Day! Scan your pictures and print them out on T-Shirt transfer paper as an added memory for your kids!!
9. Create a webpage of your Alphabit Day! Send me the link and we will list it on this website!!
10. Using Paint, Kid Pix, or any other graphics program, create an Alphabit slide show.