This project began on January 9th
and concluded on February 3, 2006.
This project was open to all classrooms all over the world
with students between the ages of 4 and 13.

It was our hypothesis that, at the end of
this project, the color appearing MOST in Froot Loop Boxes would be RED!
Our hypothesis was proven incorrect!

The project had 292 participants from
Canada and the United States.

Each participating classroom needed to have 1 box of Kellogg's Froot Loops
Each classroom divided the contents of the Froot Loops box into the following groupings:


Special Instructions!
1. Broken consists of anything that is not a full froot loop!!  
2. If a froot loop has seems to have two colors, please put the froot loop in the dominant color group.
3. If a froot loop is attached to another froot loop, please detach carefully and then put into the appropriate group.
4. You might wish to have some baggies on hand to store your froot loops in case this project rolls over to another day.
5. You might wish to use disposable gloves when working with froot loops.
**6. Some boxes will NOT have pink. If you do have pink, there is a tally form which includes pink. If you don't have pink, there is a tally form which excludes pink. When posting results, if you don't have pink, please place a 0 in the form for pink, instead of leaving it blank, so that the data enters correctly into our database.
Thank you!
**Please do NOT use marshmellow Froot Loops!

Students counted the Froot Loops in each color group and wrote down a final tally count for each color!

Teachers were encouraged to take photos of their project and many created pages to show off their students!

Each teacher submitted their results using an online form (or sent email) with the total count of each group.
Data was posted on website displaying each school's counts. Plus, we will have a graph indicating top colors per school.

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