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This project is now over
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It was the hypothesis that the creme filling in 25 DOUBLE STUF OREOS would NOT BE DOUBLED
the WEIGHT of the filling in 25 REGULAR STUF OREOS.
This hypothesis was be proved after all results had been received and averaged as a whole!

Each class used 25 regular oreos and
25 double stuf oreos for this project!!!


Teachers needed to follow these guidelines:

Each participating class will need 1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo Chocolate and Creme Sandwich Cookie (18 oz - approx $3.49 per bag) AND 1 bag of Nabisco's Oreo Chocolate and Creme Double Stuf Sandwich Cookie (18 oz -- approx. $3.49 per bag)
You will only use 25 from each bag!
If you cannot find the 18 oz side, please substitute with the size you can find.
Each bag will probably have more than 25 oreos --
when choosing which oreos to use, count down the left row first, then move to the middle row, and finally the right row until you have 25.
There is no reason to this except to keep us all consistent in choosing oreos!.

You might wish to have an extra bag of oreos for the kids to eat once this project is over! <g>
(please make sure you are using the WHITE creme filling Oreos)

UNFORTUNATELY, for the integrity of this project, ONLY OREO COOKIES MAY BE USED. If you are in an area where OREO COOKIES cannot be purchased, I do aplogize. You can conduct your own project with the brand of your area, and compare them to our results, but you will not be able to post your results to our project.

You will need to have some type of weighing instrument, plastic knives for the students to scrape with, and paper plates.

Explain to your students that this is a project with schools all over the world and also explain what
information this project is attempting to collect.
Have your students speculate whether they think that
(1) that the weights will be equal,
(2) that the double stuf pile will weigh more, or
(3) that the regular stuf pile will weigh more.
Write down these results and convert into a percentage (equalling 100% for your entire class)
You will be submitting this data on the results form.

Students will need to be divided into 2 groups -- Regular scrapers and Double Stuf scrapers.

Each student will need to scrape off all the creme filling of the oreo cookie. Remember to keep the regular stuf away from the double stuf. You might wish to use plastic gloves when dealing with oreos!

After all the oreos are scraped, measure each pile of stuf and record data onto the provided worksheet.
(weight will need to be submitted in ounces)

Teacher will submit the data using the online form with the weight from regular and double stuf.
Please follow directions carefully since your data will be automatically added to the webpage results!!

Data will be posted on website displaying exact weights from each participating school.
On each Friday of this project, a graph will be posted
of results received. You also will be able to download
all results in Excel format.

Students are also invited to participate in the
Using ONLY oreos and the creme filling, have your students create unique sculptures (such as trains, houses, etc).
You can submit 1 sculpture per class
to the Oreo Sculpture Fashion Show.
Oreos may be broken, crunched, cut, and shaped.
But you may only use the OREOS from this project.
Please no additional fillings such as peanut butter, strawberry AND no food coloring is allowed!!