Jean Baptiste Charbonneau "POMP" was born on February 11, 1805.
He was the youngest member on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

During the week of Feburary 7th, 2005, we invite you to participate in a variety of activities which will help you introduce your students to "POMP" and end your week with a birthday celebration for Pomp.

Click HERE for a list of activities!!
Click HERE for some information on Native American Birthday Celebrations!

Jenuinetech Projects is proud to team with Jim Sargent and the Headwaters Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation in Montana to bring you this project.

You will find worksheets, coloring pages, weblinks and more at this site. When you register, you will be provided with Jim Sargent's email address so that you can request an additional packet to make your project even more successful!!

This is a ONE WEEK ONLY project!
Schools across the USA and around the world are
welcome to participate!!