Creative Online Projects For The Elementary Classroom!


ProjectsByJen are easily adaptable to your classroom curriculum. Jennifer works hard to find CCS as well as ISTE standards that will align with each and every project. Projects can be adjusted to be as simplistic or advanced as you wish by providing 3 levels of participation which the teacher can choose from!



Connect with many classrooms around the world. Using a variety of online options as well as good old-fashioned snail mail, ProjectsByJen groups you into teams for classroom collaboration opportunities!



ProjectsByJen are not cookie cutter projects! Each project is uniquely designed and stays current with new technologies. Projects can easily adapt into any curriculum:   math, history, literature, spelling, writing, science, fine arts, and more!



21st century learning is no longer 100% from books and students can now be the expert as well. ProjectsByJen provides ways for the student voice to be heard and to share learning. Through options such as FlipGrid and blogging, your students will not longer be passive learners who just fill out a worksheet..



  • NO registration fee to join any project EVER!
  • To host at least 4 projects between August and May.
  • To create at least 1 new project each year!
  • To align projects with CCS standards and ISTE Student Standards.
  • To share a variety of ways for you to connect your classroom with other classrooms worldwide!

Quotes Rotator

"Being a first grade teacher, I tend to look for projects that I can incorporate into my language arts curriculum and (of course) expose my students to the "world of technology.
"All of your projects have enabled me to do that!."

– Suzanne Jensen, Hawaii  (Quote #1)

"Thank you for helping me get in touch with this school. My class in North Dakota has been writing back and forth with a kindergarten class we adopted because of the Dear Friend project. We have sent supplies for both the students and teachers at Christmas.
For Valentines Day, my class donated 75 books to help rebuild Mrs. Mullins Kindergarten class library."

– Jamie Prock, North Dakota (Quote #2)

"Jen always has ideas that are simple enough for newbies as well as suggestions and ideas for those who are more experienced with technology. I can say that I have learned as much as my students by participating in the projects."

– Donna Thaggard, Georgia (Quote #3)

"Thank you! I found the O.R.E.O. project interesting and SO FUN. I nearly missed it again this year! But, we did it anyway. I have to tell you, I had the best time ever in my 24 years of teaching math!!!"

– Susan Lamon, Alabama (Quote #4)

"My first grade class participated in the Marble Run Challenge. It was a perfect extension to my science curriculum, which includes a unit on balance and motion. Students were highly engaged as they planned and built their marble runs. As they worked in teams, they needed to collaborate, problem-solve, and persist. After the project, they enjoyed looking at the project slideshow and noting how others solved the challenge."

– Michelle Mooney, Wisconsin (Quote #5)

"I have been happily participating in Projects By Jen since 2007. I have been able to incorporate these projects into many of our curriculum areas. The projects are fun, educational, and very engaging for my students. They encourage cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. I have used them to strengthen map, graphing, geography, math, writing, and technology skills, to name a few."

– Sylvia Buller, Pennsylvania (Quote #6)


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